Can you hear me now?

No really, can you?

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP is short for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in normal words, phone service over the Internet. If you have a decent internet connection you can get VoIP service through CompuForce and save money while adding reliability and new features.

While there are still some that shy away from VoIP it is not a new technology. Development of the service goes back to 1995. In modern technology the audible difference between an analog or PSTN connection and a digital VoIP connection is something you have to hear to believe.

Our VoIP service is brought in over an elastic trunk. In traditional systems you may be used to having two phone lines and if both of them are in use you cannot make or receive any calls. Or you may be paying for 10 phone lines and only using 3 which means you are way overpaying for your services. With our elastic system it grows as you need it. Your customers will never hear a busy signal and you only pay for the calls that you make.