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Cable Installation and Repair

Data and Voice Cabling:

Network Cable

Fiber Optic Cable

Analog Telephone Cable

Coax Cable - Single & Siamese

Audio Cable

Video Cable w/ projectors and TVs

Network Equipment

We offer speed and reliabilty with:


Switches - standard and POE


Media Converters

Installation Racks

Wireless for internal and Guest use


If you can't tell who someone is on your cameras,
what good are they doing you?

IP Camera Solutions:
New IP camera systems use high speed network systems to deliver a clearer picture than ever before. These setups can be as small as 2 cameras or up to 40 or more!

Analog / Coax Camera Solutions:
If you have an existing system that is performing ok but could use a little boost, we have upgrade options for DVRs and Cameras that can add a lot of detail to these traditional systems.